Participating at St. John's.

A typical Sunday morning takes about sixty volunteers to help make it all happen.  From readers, chalice bearers, altar guild members, bulletin folders, greeters, sides people, volunteer choir members, counters and intercessors, it is a lot of people and truly a team effort.  We offer our sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving as a community of faith who work together.  
There are also opportunities to serve in outreach, education, pastoral, reception events, and serving the wider church.
If you are interested in participating in any of these liturgical, pastoral or administrative roles, please contact one of the Clergy.


This is a residential rehabilitation centre for young people struggling with addiction.  It is based in Elora, but youth come from all over Ontario.  St. John's is connected to Portage in providing spiritual and pastoral care for the residents through Bible Studies and through opportunities to be involved in the Sunday liturgies.  It is a transformative outreach opportunity that changes lives, both ourselves and the young people we serve.

Centre Wellington Food Bank.

The Centre Wellington Food Bank, based in Fergus, serves over 90,000 meals a year to people who would otherwise go hungry.  St. John's partners with the Food Bank to address the challenge of food security in our community.  For more information, please contact the Food Bank or the Parish Office.